High school math lessons

High school math lessons

Kpowered, tuition-free online Destinations Career Academies and Programs combine traditional academics with courses in high-demand career fields. By being able to explore areas of interest and prepare for certification exams now, students will have an advantage—whether their next step is college or career! K12's high school program is designed to help students find their own path.

A combination of core courses and electives lets students pursue their passions and follows them to post-high school success, whether in college or the workforce. Compelling design, videos, text, and images grab and hold students' attention. Animations, stories, step-by-step problem solving, guides, and more help students master key concepts. Students complete guided and independent practice, real-world applications, and reviews.

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high school math lessons

Need More Info. Please view lessons on desktop for a better experience. Algebra I. Destinations Career Academies and Programs Kpowered, tuition-free online Destinations Career Academies and Programs combine traditional academics with courses in high-demand career fields.

Computer Literacy. Healthcare Explorations. Entrepreneurship 1: Project Based. What's Included K12's high school program is designed to help students find their own path. Media Rich.In this section you will find Math lessons from kindergarten through high school. Lessons come with options for modifications and differentiation in order to help you cater to the needs of your studs. Many of the lessons are aligned to Common Core State Standards.

With that said, these lessons can easily be integrated into an existing curriculum Math curriculum for any grade. The lessons you see here were submitted by real teachers working in schools across the United States. We encourage you to contact us in order to share your lesson plans with the rest of the Teacher.

A fun lesson to help students understand the concept of big and small and how to compare the two. The lesson involved hands-on activities to make the learning fun and engaging. Students will learn how to count backwards from in a very fun and exciting way. This lesson is great for kindergarten through first grade. This lesson is designed to teach students how to measure lengths indirectly and by alternating length units.

This engaging lesson will help students determine whether a group of objects up to 20 has an odd or even number of members. This lesson is designed to help students represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings, sounds e. Students will do a nature walk to find things in nature that are grouped in pairs that are odd or even. This lesson is designed to teach students to draw a picture graph and a bar graph with single-unit scale to represent a data set with up to four categories.

Plus, solve simple put-together, take-apart, and compare problems. The lesson is used for students to practice basic time measurement, and understanding the basic units of time. They will decorate each slice and then exchange slices with classmates and then evaluate the fractions of slices that they have at the end. Note: Students should have already had some lessons about simplification of fractions.

High School Literature Analysis

Students will take a walk outside with their protractor and measure the angles in nature.Don't ever be stuck watching another boring minute video again — you learn best by doingnot watching. Our unique interactive lessons cover math subjects ranging from algebra, geometry, and trigonometry to precalculus and calculus. Experience math in a completely new way Free interactive lessons from award-winning Harvard instructors. Learning math online doesn't have to be boring. Or expensive.

School Yourself is perfect for: Flipped classrooms Getting ahead in class Self-learners Homeschooled students Learn now! You may have seen us in The best online learning experience. Khan Academy. Private tutor. School Yourself. Free lessons. Convenient online access. Interactive, 1-on-1 experience.

Personalized lessons. Why sign up? Free, unlimited access to lessons Don't ever be stuck watching another boring minute video again — you learn best by doingnot watching. Smart recommendations As you go through our lessons, our algorithms quietly crunch numbers and figure out where you need help the most, or whether you should breeze right through to more advanced material. Personalized assessments Don't waste time grinding through endless mind-numbing review questions.

We'll personalize an assessment and review plan tailored specifically for you. You get all the practice you need to keep that knowledge in your head — and no more — so you can get back to your life.

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high school math lessons

Being able to take an object and spread it out flat is much easier to see in concrete terms rather than in the abstract. Finding Square Footage - The student will be able to calculate the square footage of a given area.

Math on a Map - Students will practice finding a variety of information using a satellite picture of their hometown. This would be a great activity to use for review or when there is a substitute.

Printable Worksheets & Math Problems

Percentages - Students will be able to apply percentages to real life situations by figuring the amount of income tax that will be withheld from a salary.

Using Tangrams to Find Patterns - Students will create patterns using tangram pieces inside a shoe box lid. After they have placed the pieces in the lid, they will count how many shapes there are.

So, if they use triangle shapes, they will count how many different triangles there are in the shoebox lid. Absolute Value - Absolute is the distance from the number to zero on the number line; it is always positive or zero. Add and Subtract Integers - Identify positive and negative integers on a number line.

Adding Decimals - Students will be able to use computation skills to add decimals for the correct sum. Addition with Negative Numbers - To be able to add positive and negative numbers together. Anti-Differentiation - Calculating Hourly Wages - Students will learn the proper way to calculate hourly wages including taxes,and tips, etc.

Completing the Square - Quadratic functions and solving them using completing the square. Complex Numbers - Students learn about imaginary numbers, and more broadly, complex numbers. Counting Principles and Probability - Probability is the relative likelihood that an event will occur. Dividing Rational Expressions - Students will gain confidence in preexisting skills dividing fractions and factoring polynomials as a result of combining prior knowledge to form a new skill diving rational algebraic expressions.

Extreme values of functions - Find the absolute maximum, minimum values of a function. Factoring by Grouping - Each student will understand that there are other ways to factor polynomials. Function Operations - To show students how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide two different functions or a function to itself.

Geometry Transformations - Students will understand the concepts of reflection and translation as transformations of points, lines and objects. Graphs of Rational Functions - Review and demonstrate the characteristics of the graphs of rational functions. How do you measure a circle? Income Tax - Students should understand and identify different types of taxes.

Intro to Slope - Given a line on a coordinate plane,students will identify the type of slope of the line. Introduction to Solving Equations - The goal of this lesson is for all students to be able to solve linear equations using addition and subtraction.

Inverse Functions - Have students be able to describe the steps for finding the inverse of a relation. Factoring Polynomials - For students to learn how to factor successfully difference of two squares, perfect square trinomials, and difference of two cubes. Factoring Special Polynomials - Students will understand the fundamentals of factoring and apply them to special polynomials.

Students will learn to interpret data from graphs. Graphing Equations - Students will identify linear equations and graph them using coordinate points. Linear relationships that model real world situations - Students will review prior knowledge to recognize,graph and solve linear equations.Mathalicious lessons provide teachers with an opportunity to teach standards-based math through real-world topics that students care about. Math class is awesome.

Real-world lessons from Mathalicious help middle and high school teachers address the Common Core Standards while challenging their students to think critically about the world. Browse Lessons. Sign Up Now. Featured Lesson Pandemic How do viruses spread through a population? View Lesson. We currently have lessons in our library! Here are some popular samples:. Students create exponential models to predict the speed of video game processors over time, compare their predictions to observed speeds, and consider the consequences as digital simulations become increasingly lifelike.

On Your Mark Do taller sprinters have an unfair advantage? Students use proportions to find out what would happen if Olympic races were organized by height.

Three Shots In basketball, should you ever foul at the buzzer? Students use probabilities to determine when the defense should foul New-Tritional Info Should fast food restaurants rewrite their menus in terms of exercise? Fall of Javert Could Inspector Javert have survived the fall?Find math lesson plans for all student-levels of high school at Bright Hub Education.

The high school years of ninth through twelfth are typically diverse ones for teaching math concepts. Some students are prepping for college-level calculus and others are trying to pass required algebra examinations to fulfill their high school diploma. This makes for a wide range of math lessons that often overlap with faster-paced middle school students.

Be sure to check out both this topic, as well as the middle school math topic, to ensure you find the plans and units you are searching for. Demonstrate to students how to solve multi-step equations with this Algebra lesson plan.

This lesson plan will demonstrate to students how to solve multi-step equations. This lesson plan will demonstrate to students how to solve multi-step equations that have variables on both sides. This lesson is split into two parts showing students how to solve one-step equations by using either multiplication or division. This is a lesson plan that will demonstrate to students how to solve one-step equations by using addition and subtraction. What is the best way to introduce the concept of limits?

This article explains the concept of limits, shows the related graphs, provides examples solving calculus limit problems and gives resources for teaching limits to high school students.

Warm up activities can be used to provide students with mathematical reflections to show what they know about ratios and comparisons. For high school students learning to drive, comparing fuel economy can provide both practical and real life application of math knowledge. Now solve the problem…. This budgeting lesson plan provides students with the tools they need to better manage their finances.

High School Math Worksheets

This lesson plan explains the concept of standing waves by introducing the phenomenon of reflection of waves and the superposition principle. Venus has been known to be seen only just before sunrise or just after sunset.

This is the reason why it is called the morning star and also the evening star. With a little knowledge of our solar system, we can geometrically prove why this phenomenon occurs.You are welcome to copy the worksheets and lesson plans here for classroom use. These math worksheets and math problems are for high school and secondary school math teachers and students. This is a free database of high school worksheets that are printable directly from your browser for classroom or homework use or for creating lesson plans.

Perfect for last minute classroom projects or for relief teachers. These math problems have been written by teachers from all over the world! And they've been tested in classrooms. Math worksheets are for classroom use, homework and review.

They are for practising math concepts taught in the classroom. For the learning of new math cocepts we suggest you start with our math tutorials. Where appropriate each worksheet is given a year level that it is applicable to. As we're all in different countries the year level corresponds to the number of years at school.

So, for example, a worksheet for Year 11 is for students in their 11th year of school. Worksheets for earlier or later years may still be suitable for you. Try our math tutorials. Lots of online high school math problems for a range of subjects. Each math review has worked examples and math problems for you to try. This is a free resource for high school math students and for parents who would like to help your child learn math.

You can have fun while learning high school math. Visit our cool math games section for a great way to review your math. Review, learn, develop logic and spatial skills. Exercise the math side of your brain. Math can be more interesting than expected! Looking for high school math activities and projects for inspire your math students? Try our fun math projects. Please note : This is a free service and these worksheets and problems are supplied on 'as is' basis.

high school math lessons

We will not enter into any correspondence on the content of the worksheets and problems, errors, answers or tuition. About this site Terms of use About our advertising and cookies. All effort has been made to source copyright material. If appropriate acknowledgement of copyright material has not been made we would like to rectify this. Please contact us. All rights reserved.

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